Proudly Albertan

Alberta Values

Our team’s strong background in quality control, optimal yields and ability to achieve a wide-range of cannabinoid profiles will ensure our uniquely crafted products offer Albertans the potency, consistency and high-quality experience lacking from many big-scale, commercial producers. We look forward to growing cannabis capable of generating more positive experiences, and opinions, for the plant and industry we love.

Alberta Partners

When we say Grown for Albertans, by Albertans, we mean it. Everywhere possible, from our growers to our marketing team and everything in between — we work with fellow Albertans because we believe this province, its residents and what they are capable of, is unmatched.

Commitment to Community

Our goal as a company is to contribute positively to both out local community and the greater national cannabis community. We do this by staying true to three commitments:

Transparent Communication

We seek honest and open communication with our communities. The legal cannabis industry can be somewhat confusing, so we strive to communicate proactively, answering your questions as quickly and accurately as possible.


We are committed to remaining engaged in the happenings of all our communities; supporting the need to address lingering stigmas with accurate education, and providing a one-stop-shop for industry news, updates and opportunities.


Whenever possible, we choose to work with Albertans. We adhere to the values of hard work and integrity that made this province one of the greatest places to live on earth, and are committed to supporting our province and its residents every chance we get.