Our 66,000 Square Feet Phase 1 Facility
In red Deer, Alberta

We are a cutting-edge cannabis cultivation and extraction company positioned advantageously to meet the unmet market demands and stigmas within the legal cannabis industry head on, with products designed to disturb the status quo and dramatically shift the conversation surrounding Canada’s legal cannabis industry.

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Facility Description

Our team’s strong background in quality control, optimal yields and ability to achieve a wide-range of cannabinoid profiles will ensure our uniquely crafted dry flower and extraction products offer Albertans the potency, consistency and high-quality experience lacking from many big-scale, commercial producers. We look forward to growing cannabis capable of generating more positive experiences, and opinions, for the plant and industry we love.

Growth Room Expansion Plan

Stigma Grow, equipped with an approved cultivation license from Health Canada, is actively growing cannabis in “Phase One” of our 66,000 sq/ft Red Deer facility, with plans of completion on "Phase 2" of this facility allowing us to accommodate growing capabilities of up to 16,000 kgs/year. Together with support from the Province we serve, we will strive to better meet the growing demands of Canada’s cannabis industry.

Approved Development Expansion Plan

With licenses and right of first refusal in-hand, we are actively pursuing future development on 8 acres of approved land that will more than quadruple our yields and position us strongly to disrupt Canada’s legal cannabis industry.

16,000 KG/Year Production Volume

With plans to develop the second stage of our facility, we will soon be positioned to provide 16,000 KG/year to a Province that has struggled to keep up with its own demand.

Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology

Stigma utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the highest levels of accurate, consistent flavours and effects in every batch of products produced.

Our commitment
to safety and security

At Stigma Grow, safety remains one of our top priorities. We concentrate not only on product and the health of our clients, but also the safety and security of our facility, and the employees within. State-of-the-art security, exceeding the requirements set forth by Health Canada, along with a vast amount of education in COR and OHS Standards, Stigma Grow dedicates itself to maintaining a high level of standards.