Years of research & development have resulted in flavour & aroma profiles unrivaled in our industry.

Highly Focused

At Stigma Grow, each and every strain we grow boasts high levels of complexity, compelling accuracy and revered consistency.


Our team’s strong background in quality control, optimal yields and ability to achieve a wide-range of cannabinoid profiles will ensure we only offer the highest quality experiences.


In addition to working to provide the high percentages of THC and CBD that consumers want, we also provide terpene entourages that will provide more of the specific, focused effects our customers want.


Our technical approach to growing and extraction allows us to track and monitor every influencing aspect — which allows us to duplicate recipes' DNA and provide a higher level of consistency.

The secret to our superior cannabis

We've invested into years of Research and Development to determine optimal cannabinoid profiles and yield for use in our facility. We have also perfected extraction techniques for cannabis-based oils that use the latest and greatest technology. As a result, we are better positioned to offer both third party and in house extractions for a more catered, high-quality experience to our consumers than is currently offered by many commercial producers.