Years of research & development have resulted in flavour & aroma profiles unrivaled in our industry.

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Highly Focused Cannabis Cultivation

At Stigma Grow, each and every strain we grow boasts high levels of complexity, compelling accuracy and revered consistency. As of 2020, we have secured our sales license and will be increasing our cultivation capacity and strain inventory to respond to our industry’s demand for potent, terpene-rich cannabis that provides the right-fit experiences for each unique consumer.

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Our team’s strong background in quality control, optimal yields and ability to achieve a wide-range of cannabinoid profiles will ensure we only offer the highest quality experiences.


In addition to working to provide the high percentages of THC and CBD that consumers want, we also provide terpene entourages that will provide more of the specific, focused effects our customers want.


Our technical approach to growing and extraction allows us to track and monitor every influencing aspect — which allows us to duplicate recipes' DNA and provide a higher level of consistency.

The secret to our superior cannabis

We've invested years into R&D to determine the best processes and strains for securing the optimal cannabinoid profiles and maximized yields in our cannabis. Walking the fine line between advanced automation technology and the need to remain hands-on and personal in our approach to each plant, we have taken our time to perfect our approach and polish the expertise of our cultivation team to ensure we represent Alberta appropriately — as leaders of an emerging industry.

Consistent Cannabis Concentrates

Stigma Grow, equipped with approved cultivation and processing licenses from Health Canada, are currently focused on meeting the emerging consumer needs, as well as the extraction toll processing needs of our growing community of fellow LPs. Our cutting-edge cannabis extraction, product development and R&D company are uniquely positioned to offer butane hydrocarbon concentrates (BHO) boasting the purity, potency and precision that cannabis customers have long awaited.

Live Resin Caviar


Live Resin Budder

Live Resin Cartridges

Cured Badder


Our fully operational facility in Red Deer, Alberta currently produces a wide variety of full-spectrum products, including caviar and diamonds.


Our BHO hydrocarbon extraction process ensures the production of some of the industry’s most potent and pure products available.


We guarantee that every single run of Stigma Grow concentrates adheres to our detailed set of strict, standard operating procedures.

The secret to our superior concentrates

At Stigma Grow, our facility uses BHO hydrocarbon extraction processes to create our concentrates. Simply put, a closed-loop extraction process ensures the solvents used are never exposed to air. Closed-loop extractions have been around for a very long time and are traditionally used to extract essential oils for perfumes, food additives, etc. The process is safer, more efficient and produces a cleaner final product than most alternatives.

Third-Party Processing

Our Red Deer facility is currently equipped to offer third-party processing, as well as milling & decarboxylation services, to Canadian Licensed Producers who do not currently have in-house capabilities, or who may be looking to capitalize on alternate extraction methods.

When it comes to trusting a third-party processor for your cannabis concentrates, quality and consistency is key. We offer the peace-of-mind and confidence in the final products we offer by guaranteeing that every run of Stigma Grow concentrates will deliver the consistent potency, flavour, colour, aroma, clarity and viscosity your loyal customers will come to expect from your products.

High Cannabinoid / Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts (HCTFSE)

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In addition to our fine-tuned processes and state-of-the-art butane hydrocarbon extraction system (BHO), we work with growers to make sure that they are harvesting in the manner most conductive to producing the best extracts possible. This harvest consultation service is available to our toll processing clients and guarantees that all of our customers have the means to set their plants up for extraction success.

For the chance to learn more about our capabilities, schedule a tour of our facility or book space for your processing needs, please contact us.